About Us

Mihyar (the Moon Rider) is the embodiment of the real Arab knight who is proud of his heritage and culture whilst keeping an eye on trending fashion. As a Saudi brand we strive to be his first choice. We have a premium collection of ready to wear thobes, shemagh, ghotra, waistcoat, footwear, and many other products of unsurpassed quality.

We pay great attention to detail when choosing our thobes' fabrics. From pure cotton, to premium zibda and soft touch modal; everything to satisfy the many different tastes of our knights. Our wide range of products also includes the most important accessories that a modern Mihyar knight needs such as luxury pens, original leather wallets, mobile cases, prayer beads and grooming kits.

Our stores' network includes 45 stores across KSA to cater our knights wherever they are.